How to get involved in Partnership Projects

How to get involved in Partnership Projects



A focus on Partnership Projects

Here is a new focus  for NAYT which we hope will prove the quickest way to bring external funding to your group/company and deliver the oft wished for added benefit of increasing the number of opportunities to work together on projects you believe are important for developing an innovative and inspiring youth theatre sector.  The new focus is the creation of youth theatre Partnership Projects for which external funding will be necessary and sought



Why the new focus? There are four principle reasons

·         Partnership Projects provide a platform for collaboration between youth theatres encouraging work that is often innovative and larger in scale

·         Partnership Pojects are often aspirational in their conception and wide in their geographic reach, qualities that catch the eye of potential funders

·         NAYT now has minimal resources of its own and acknowledges that funders of all persuasion are more likely to respond positively to ‘real ‘projects with demonstrable benefits for young people rather than funding its historic role as a provider of services to the sector

·         NAYT is stronger if it rebuilds from the ideas, energy and commitment of its membership. Together you are NAYT and through a network of Partnership Projects  we will all get to work together;  the best way to know each other better



Covering the country with a network of Partnership Projects

Please accept our invitation to generate imaginative Partnership Project ideas from the unbelievably unrealistic or speculative to an extension of work you are already carrying out. It might be cross art-forms or cross sectors for example with youth justice, health or education. It might be a focus on areas of exclusion, (poverty, geographic or cultural isolation), or issues of inclusive practice or separate provision for young people with profound special needs. It may centre on creating international partnerships (post-Brexit) or artistic experimentation and development ….the partnership agenda is truly yours; only your breath will make it live.

We would like to have your first tranche of Partnership Project proposals submitted to NAYT by October 11th. Please email them to

At this stage it is ideas that count rather than worked-up projects so please take the plunge and submit your ideas.  If you get brilliant ideas after this date please email them to Henry as the Partnership Project Programme is a rolling programme from ideation to realisation throughout the next 4 years.



The Process and the Timetable

For the first tranche of Partnership Projects the immediate timetable looks like this:

·         October 1st to October 11th NAYT central office receives your project ideas via email to

·         October 9th – October 11th - More Partnership Project ideas brought to, or generated at, the next Raising the Game event at Derby

·         October 11th – October 16th - NAYT central office lists ideas and emails them to members

·         October 16th – November 2nd - Members contact one another via email to see if they can form Partnership Projects with those who have identified similar passions. If they can do so, project outlines are submitted to NAYT central

·         On November 9th – NAYT board meet to choose Partnership Projects for development funding and add an NAYT board representative to all of the Partnership Project Teams 

·         By November 15th - Partnership Project Teams form and set their own project processes and timetables.  Teams do not require the agreement of the NAYT board to pursue the development of their projects however, an NAYT board representative will be available to support all teams


Make it better - feedback

If you have ideas re: how to improve the Partnership Project Programme or other ideas for rebuilding the NAYT movement and organisation please email:



Partnership Project Planning Process

The 5 steps that Partnership Projects are likely to have to pass through are set out below but at this stage let’s not get bogged down in process, let’s stay free to imagine an expansive and optimistic future for youth theatre. For now it is critical to enjoy, and put as much energy into, generating Partnership Project ideas and sharing them with other potential project team members.


·         Step 1 - Generating ideas for partnership projects

·         Step 2 - Sharing the partnership projects ideas that have been generated

·         Step 3 - Project Teams form around project ideas and a period of project development takes place

·         Step 4 - Projects with support from the project team identify potential funders, an approach strategy, formal project proposal and make a submission

·         Step 5 - If successful; project management, delivery, evaluation and dissemination of learning


We would like to have your first tranche of Partnership Project proposals submitted to NAYT by October 11th. Please email them to