The NAYT Programme 2017 - 2020

The NAYT Programme 2017 - 2020

For the next 4 years NAYT plans the following as its core programme


1.       NAYT Services: NAYT board secures funds for an enhanced, interactive website to provide large parts of its services. Here are some of the services that will be wholly or in part delivered via the website: news from individual companies, Partnership Projects etc;  Jobs, training, internship opportunities; Material supporting CPD and accredited training; NAYT consultant practitioners to  share experience and knowledge; Real time digital-media platform performances;  Youth theatre International exchange portal;  On-line magazine for International Youth Theatre; Emerging practitioners Network; Links to databases for youth theatre appropriate scripts; Library of ‘how to’ guides especially for new youth theatre groups including policies, practices, legal and managerial matters; An evaluation and research portal for members to contribute to in order that NAYT can build a robust evidence base demonstrating the value of youth  theatre; Campaigns and Communications through which NAYT maintains a high profile with its membership but also with relevant decision makers, partners  and supporters


2.       NAYT Raising the Game-on tour: Secure funds for a touring version of the popular CPD event Raising the Game which will make it more accessible to groups who have found the cost of travel and accommodation has prevented them from taking part.


3.       NAYT Partnership Projects: Partnership Projects are the means through which NAYT groups across the country and internationally work together. Members work with the NAYT board to create Partnership Project Teams that seek to win external funding for aspirational and innovative initiatives that drive the development of youth theatre practice.

Making it happen


·         The NAYT board is taking on organising the delivery of action 1 above although, we hope you will be regular contributors to the website in order to keep it current and useful. We are currently seeking funding to up-grade the website in order that it can play the enhanced role we have planned for. (Any help here would be much appreciated)


·         The NAYT board is taking on organising the delivery of action 2 by looking for external funding and partner venues to host one-day versions of Raising the Game CPD events


·         NAYT board members will also support the delivery of action 3. However, the key responsibility (and delight) will be that of NAYT members. They are charged with conjuring up Partnership Project ideas from their creative minds. They share them with like-minded others and, as Partnership Project Teams, develop Partnership Projects proposals ready to win external funding.  To make the Partnership Project development process possible we expect it to take place remotely via email and skype; ok meeting up is probably going to be on the cards as well, otherwise it won’t be as much fun as it could be. The NAYT board has agreed to provide £500 seed funding to support up to 3 Partnership Projects per year that it considers are most likely to win external funding.