About Youth Theatre

Being part of a youth theatre is a fantastic way to develop drama and theatre skills, gain confidence and meet new people!

Youth theatres tend to be made up of a group of young people and led by experienced staff.  They meet regularly to practice different drama and theatre processes, learn about the skills involved in creating a production and work towards performances.  The techniques explored range from acting, devising, improvisation, singing, technical theatre and much more!  Participation in a youth theatre is voluntary and outside of education.  


Youth theatres can differ in how they are set up, the age-ranges they are for and what they offer so we recommend you contact your local group to find out more about what they do.  Use our Find a Youth Theatre tool to find your nearest one!  

You can read more about NAYT's definition and principles of youth theatre here. 


'Without Youth Theatre I wouldn't have had the confidence to take Drama at GCSE...I could talk to people about what I needed to do and work on it during the youth theatre sessions'

Youth Theatre Member


'Whenever I'm feeling down, I know that I'll go to drama and the people there will make me so much more happier!' 
Youth Theatre Member