Allie Spencer

As a trustee of NAYT here is a brief introduction to her background.

Allie SpencerAllie is currently Creative Learning and Community Partnerships Manager for the Regent Theatre in Stoke-on-Trent, part of ATG. 

Prior to joining ATG, Allie was Education Officer for Nottingham Playhouse and Assistant Director on The Kite Runner which is now running in the West End.

With a degree in Theatre Studies from the University of Lancaster, she has been writing and directing for youth theatres across the UK since 1993 and is founder and director of Steep Turnpike Youth Theatre in Matlock. 

A regular attender of NAYT RYTF and the annual training weekends, Allie is really excited to be joining the NAYT board.

Allie has taught in schools across the UK for over twenty years, has trained teachers, and was Head of Drama in a city school for three years before joining Nottingham Playhouse.

Other directing credits include The Princess and the Frog and Hare and Tortoise (Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company), A Chalk Story, Lessons at Ten and The Bulwell Plays (Roundabout TIE), All Quiet on The Western Front, Bugsy Malone, Grease, (Nottingham Playhouse Youth Theatre) Little Red (Bulwell Youth Theatre tour) Animal Farm, Adult Child Dead Child (Nottingham Playhouse Ensemble), Blood Brothers, CATS, Row Row your Boat and Perchance to Dream (Steep Turnpike Youth Theatre).