Archive - Regional Development Programme

What was the RDP?

A two year programme including the appointment of a Regional Development Worker who:
  • Visited 20 youth theatres each year
  • Delivered practical workshops

Worked with an advisory group to:

  • Develop regional training events
  • Develop regional sharing events
  • Facilitate young peoples input
During the programme, NAYT appointed an independent research organisation that sought evidence relating to the impact of youth theatre on the lives of the young people involved. During the programme NAYT gathered case studies and models of practice for inclusion in the Big Youth Theatre Manual.

The RDP was the vehicle by which

  • NAYT began meaningful dialogue with the sector.
  • NAYT highlighted and disseminated best practice.
  • NAYT provided the evidence that there is a commitment to the development of quality standards
  • NAYT created networks, encourage sharing of resources and practice
  • NAYT built an accurate picture of current provision and its needs
The RDP encourages providers from across the youth theatre sector to come together to share ideas and practice, to share resources and to develop work within their regions.

Who paid for it?

The Regional Development Programme was funded by the Department for Education and Employment (DfEE) with support from Northern Arts, Yorkshire Arts, North West Arts and South East Arts. The research element within the programme was funded with additional support from the Arts Council of England (ACE).
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