Arts/Theater/Music/Dance teacher/ AnIMaTORs Belgium, Arlecchino

Wednesday 20 December 2017

Positive energy, like working with children, education awareness, nice presentation, capable of sharing his/ her hobbies (theatre, arts, music) with children and setup and follow your own pedagogic project, showman is a plus. Comedian and/or musician is always better. Teaching experience is useful but not essential.

JOB : To teach English and British culture in a manner that is fun and entertaining. “petit théâtre et comédie musicale" cinema, movement based and rhythmic sessions. Promote children’s oral language development. Start in July or from Sept 2018. COMMITMENT : We offer an exciting opportunity to live in Belgium for one or two years in a state-of-the-art education association, running regular classes and leading holidays workshops.  Free accommodation in a rustic 50m² flat, surrounded by trees versus Saturday classes. Standard rates of pay for optional and additional contracts during the week (primary school) (13-20-25h/week). Possibility to come and live with his/her partner.  Contact: Sofia [email protected]