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Monday 29 November 2021

It has been quite the year at JMB Consulting; as well as offering recruitment, anti-racism and income generation support to charities who want to embed anti-racism into their culture and practice we also curated and hosted the #BAMEOnline Fundraising Conference which explores racism in the charity sector, fundraising and philanthropy. This year we connected the dots between the history of colonialism and philanthropic practice today. Spoiler: colonial and imperialistic practices are alive and well in today’s philanthropic approaches!
#BAMEOnline platforms speakers of colour who are committed to dismantling white supremacy in their work. This year their wisdom and expertise were captured by our incredibly talented resident artist Esme Hemmings. We pulled together the best sketches into a calendar for 2022 that offers monthly guidance and inspiration to continually invest in your anti-racist practice, disrupt unbalanced power structures and create a liberated world that we know is possible.
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