Could you host a Raising The Game?

Wednesday 31 October 2018

Could you host a Raising The Game?

Raising The Game began as the Workshop Weekend and ran at the Darlington Arts Centre for many years.  Since the Arts Centre’s closure, the event has moved across the country, including Bolton Octagon, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Derby Theatre and Salisbury Playhouse.  We have hosted workshops from PaperBirds, the RSC, the National Theatre, Frantic Assembly, Trestle and Punchdrunk and performances from Tangled Feet, Box Clever, Chris Thorpe & Hannah Walker, Spilt Milk and Tim Crouch to name but a handful.

NAYT are currently planning our 2019 and 2020 programme, with potential (though not confirmed) applications for grant funding.

If you would be interested in hosting a Raising The Game, here is some information.  Feel free to email [email protected] if you want to discuss further.

What do we require from your organisation?


·         A minimum of 3-4 spaces which could accommodate at least 50 participants across 3-4 workshops each day.

·         Saturday & Sunday free.

·         No hire costs to space (though additional resources/staff costs can be factored in, see below).

·         Enough accessible spaces to allow flexibility with the programming.


·         Spaces which could accommodate workshops for upwards of 70 participants.  In previous years, some Raising The Games have been able to accommodate over 100 delegates.

·         Friday night free for an event/meet & greet/performance.

·         The opportunity to see 1-2 performances across the weekend.  Either a performance already part of the building’s season, or access to a space which we could programme some work specifically for Raising The Game’s delegates.

·         A team willing to help on the day setting up spaces, helping delegates around the building, running the morning warm-ups etc.

·         Some administration support liaising with NAYT and in-house departments.

·         A space for Friday or (preferably) Saturday night entertainment.  Across the years this has taken the form of a Costume Charade Battle, a disco, a covers band, a Ceildh and a murder mystery.


What do we offer your building?

·         Up to 10 free places for the event.

·         The opportunity to host a mainstay event of the Youth Theatre sector’s calendar and support the training of Youth Theatre practitioners from across the UK.

·         The opportunity to bring high quality artists into the building.

·         If you have a café/bar, then the boost of additional customers.


How we collaborate

As a general rule, NAYT programmes workshops alongside the host building with the two pillars of excellence & inclusion.  We want to ensure that workshops are high quality, reflective of the contemporary arts scene, and give new skills to practitioners to encourage engaging and challenging work in the Youth Theatre sector.

We also require some workshops or discussions around accessibility and inclusivity in a Youth Theatre context.  For example, 2016 we programmed with PAD (Positive About Deafness) Productions, in 2017 we asked Lewisham Youth Theatre to run a workshop about embedding young voices across the creative process.

We refer back to previous Raising The Games to ensure a diverse line-up of workshops and explore previously programmed artists, as well as working with new companies.  We are always keen to work with local artists and represent the host city or building’s artistic community in some capacity.

NAYT covers the cost of programming these workshops, and potential performance and Saturday night entertainment, and therefore it is normal for us to take all the income from ticket sales.  We can cover additional building costs if necessary, for example if the weekend requires additional materials, resources or staff time.  However we try and keep all these costs to a minimum and rely on as much in-kind support as possible.  NAYT deals with communication with programmed artists, ticket sales, informing delegates and will take up as much administration duties as possible, though some liaising with the host’s staff is always necessary.