County Lines: Police use street theatre in fight against crime

Monday 23 April 2018

North Wales Police used street theatre to recreate some real scenarios where people have been exploited. The event, called County Lines after the tactic used by gangs to move drugs and cash, took place in Wrexham on Saturday. Officers hope it will help relatives or friends spot the signs that someone is at risk of being exploited. The actors performed two scenes scripted from real incidents of exploitation by criminals, using two back-to-back sets on Wrexham's Queens Square.

Actors perform County Lines in Wrexham

Image copyright: EYE IMAGERY

Police hope the performances will help people spot the signs of criminally exploitation

Police were advised using actors and street theatre was more likely to engage people emotionally than more traditional methods. They hope the performances will have sparked a talking point about the signs and triggers of young people and vulnerable adults being exploited to help export drugs and cash to market and coastal towns and rural areas. Det Insp Jon Russell of North Wales Police said: "It is aimed at promoting awareness of the hidden exploitation of vulnerable people in our communities. "We will strive to protect those most vulnerable within our communities."