Dealing with a COVID case in your Youth Theatre

Friday 9 April 2021

Dealing with a COVID case in your Youth Theatre

Of course, none of us want to be in the position where one of our staff or members tests positive for COVID but, as the virus is still within the community, this is something that we need to be prepared for so here’s a little guide to what happens.


COVID case confirmed

Anyone with a positive test result MUST NOT attend Youth Theatre


When you speak to the parent/ carer, find out 

  1. When the young person became symptomatic (if they have been)
  2. When they took their test and got their positive result.


For the Participant

As soon as they become symptomatic OR receive their positive test result they must self-isolate for at least 10 days and follow the Government’s self-isolation guidance


Contact all your Youth Theatre parents/ carers to inform them of the positive case. 

Young people who have attended a session with the positive case should arrange to take a test as soon as possible and follow self-isolation guidance if they are positive. 

While tests are being taken and results confirmed, in-person Youth Theatre sessions should be suspended. 


If members or staff are using Lateral Flow Tests and report a positive, they should back this up with a PCR test as soon as possible. 


Staff members should also get a test as soon as possible. 


If staff members are negative and enough young people confirm their negative status to make your session worth running, Youth Theatre can resume. However, you may wish to wait the 10 self-isolation days before re-starting.

You may wish to consider instigating regular Lateral Flow testing for your staff members and include a new clause in your member registrations to ensure that parents/ carers will report positive Lateral Flow Tests to you.  


NB. The regulations do state that only people who have come into ‘close contact’ with the infected individual should self-isolate/ test. However, to avoid doubt and ensure safety, we would recommend following those regulations for your whole group. 


NHS Test and Trace may get in touch with your setting, however, you can pre-empt this with a call to Public Health England on 0800 046 8687. The call handler will take you through all the appropriate steps to take, provide you with a written response and provide sample letters home for your members.