East Midlands, Parrabbola – Two storytellers

Monday 19 February 2018

Ideally you’ll be East Midlands based, as we’ll be rehearsing and touring this project out of Nottingham. We’re making a new project for Inn Crowd, who take performances into pubs across East Anglia, Kent and Sussex over the summer. The performance will involve working with Director Philip Parr and Musician Matt Marks to build up a series of up to 9 stories which can be told semi theatrically, with musical accompaniment and storytelling contributions from Wheeze – Matt’s amazing music making machine. The stories will all be family friendly, but with a wide range of material and we’re looking for a diverse collection of work. We also want to explore folk tales local to the places we’re playing. All the stories will share a common theme of the wind and air, and each performance will have three different stories in it – all about 20-25 minutes long. The stories will be scripted with the dialogue between story teller and music at the heart of the performance.

Performances are likely to be on Saturdays and Sundays during the Summer (May to August) We’ll have final dates towards the end of March. As well, there’s the possibility of other dates outside that time. All performances will be outdoors. In addition, we’re planning to keep this project in our repertoire into the future.

We’ll be rehearsing in Nottingham during March, and there’ll be a rehearsal fee and then performance fees.

Please apply by 5pm on Wednesday February 21st with CV and covering letter to [email protected]. Do include any links to your work.