Examples of 'Lockdown' Youth Theatre projects

Sunday 29 March 2020

NAYT would like to stress, if you are unable to continue connecting and running projects with your youth theatre due to health, technical skill, work conditions, lack of contact etc we urge you not to feel guilty and look after your own mental health.  You can read more about our statement here.


Some Youth Theatres are still able to run sessions digitally, and here are some examples from across this week.


NAYT are proud to be supporting Company Three as they launch their Coronavirus Time Capsule Project.  You can read more about their project here, so part 81 youth theatres have signed up.


Luton’s Next Generation Youth Theatre have set up #MyNeighboursAnArtist on Twitter and a Crowdfunder to cover core costs during this pandemic. They also intend to create x10 £250 Hardship Funds for local Luton artists.  Creative tasks and challenges are being set offline to then upload and share to support the fund-raiser. More info can be found here.


New Art Exchange in Nottingham have gone ‘old school’ and are sending weekly tasks in the post with a personal message. This week, the older group have been sent the materials to create their own journal (from recycled materials) and evaluate their recent performance project. The work will be shared by email or posting back.


Young Creatives in Portsmouth have set their groups monologues - week 1 they choose and sent a video of their first attempts, week 2 they met on Zoom, watched them as a group and gave feedback.  The facilitators will then edit all the pieces into one film, send out a link to family and friends and they will all watch the performance at the same time from their own homes.


Storyhouse in Chester have tasked the 15+ group to find duologues. Then, using Zoom, they will take part in masterclasses on breakdown of text, actioning, how to record a self-tape etc. For all the under 13s they have been releasing films every day at 4.30pm via YouTube with fun games and warm ups.