"I Know This to be True"

Tuesday 29 May 2018

About the project

The project is called "I Know This to be True" and it will be a film about creative resilience. The film will be made in collaboration with older community members who identify as "creative" and young people seeking careers in the arts. The specific focus is on young people from low socio/economic backgrounds. 

The hope is the film will tell stories from the older generation about how they remained creative when faced with barriers or obstacles to their creativity (e.g money, having a family, self-worth issues, social pressures etc). 

The film will be based around a series of questions which will hopefully provoke some nice responses. I was inspired by a film a friend made which will give you an idea of the format: https://www.moremurals.com.au/

Find a selection of questions below these are still in draft form:

  • Did your idea of success change as you got older?
  • What is your biggest disappointment?
  • Do you refer to yourself as an artist / maker / musician etc?
  • Tell me about a difficult time that impacted on your creativity
  • How is the life you've lived different from the idea of what you wanted when you were starting out?
  • Did you consider yourself creative in school?
  • Did you ever consider giving up? What stopped you?

We will build in a number of workshops and trips designed to help the older people and younger people get to know each other and facilitate creative exchange between them.