In Conversation With season 2

Monday 15 June 2020

In Conversation With is a series of chats with theatre-makers, directors and playwrights. The first round are now watchable in the Members Area of the NAYT website, and the second round will be streamed to NAYT’s Facebook page. These conversations take place at 2pm each day, and then uploaded to our website with subtitles.


In Conversation With Season 2


Christoper Elmer-Gorry from Warts & All 

24th June

Warts and All Theatre encourages artists, audiences and members of the community to engage in theatre. They actively seek out new ways of making theatre in a variety of forms, and tailor the creation process to fit each project's specific objectives. The company provokes artistic engagement by presenting bold and playful theatre, created with a diverse range of artists. 


Christie O’Carroll 

3rd July

Associate Director of Reading Rep and part of the NAYT Board, Christie’s work and research has focused on autonomous structures. We’ll discuss how can youth theatre and young companies create authentic, engaging and artistically vibrant collaborative work in a safe and nurturing environment.


20 Stories High

8th July

20 Stories High make melodic, rebellious, contemporary and heart-felt theatre. They make theatre with working class and culturally diverse young people, emerging artists & world-class professionals. We discuss their models of working to produce national and internationally-acclaimed work.


Kiesha Thompson from Contact MCR

10th July

Contact MCR’s Young Company is an Theatre Award-winning young ensemble. We’ll discuss their work, practise and how to fuse together the energy of actors, dancers, musicians, stand-up comedians, poets and MCs.