Interview with Nathan Powell from 20 Stories High

Tuesday 11 June 2019

Nathan Powell is a director, writer, NAYT Board Member and Trainee Artistic Director at 20 Stories High.  He has extensively worked with young people across the country, and is leading a workshop at Raising The Game 2019 about making an inclusive, engaging and exciting rehearsal room

What excites you about the work 20 Stories High make?

20 Stories High makes work that genuinely offers participants and audience members the opportunity to share their voice in a Way that may have not felt possible before. The company works hard to ensure that it is having a real conversation with the young people we work with to represent them on stages across the country and internationally.

What can people expect from your workshop at Raising The Game?

My workshop will offer an insight into the way we work to make the space feel welcoming, exciting and new, allowing room for exciting collaboration between practitioners and young people.

Why is music, such as hip-hop, so useful to engage young people in Youth Theatre?

Music is an art form that is so wide reaching that it feels accessible to most people. Even if you are not a confident music performer, you still feel the confidence to consume it, so we like to use music and other art forms in our work to widen the accessibility of theatre.

The 20 Stories High website says you make 'rebellious' theatre. How can we make rebellious Youth Theatre?

Youth theatre in its very nature is rebellious. It’s the opportunity for young people to say whatever they want to say, however they want to say it, it’s just our job to guide and help shape that into an exciting piece for stage.