Interview with The Knotted Project

Wednesday 5 June 2019

The Knotted Project create intricate & original physical theatre for various platforms & audiences. They are running a physical theatre workshop at our 2019 Raising The Game training events, as well as the opportunity to learn more about their work with Young Carers.


How would you describe your style of Physical Theatre?

The Knotted Project make physical theatre that is engaging and accessible to a wide range of audiences, highly visual, dynamic and always telling a story. We aim to start conversations about the world we live in and provoke thought and imagination in our audiences.


Why do young people enjoy and engage with Physical Theatre so much?

We see Physical Theatre as a Tool Kit, a huge range of skills and techniques with which to create and play. This approach enables young people to use the skills that excite and inspire them when creating brand new work, sharing their voice and opinions with the world.


What can we expect from your workshop at Raising The Game?

Our workshops will be focused on how The Knotted Project de-constructs a devising process when working with a group. Drawing upon a physical theatre tool kit, we slowly build up skills, content and confidence to enable groups to create completely original work.


What is your new Knotted Project Training Company?

Our Training Company (#TKPTC) is a unique development programme, designed to help young artists aged 16-25 Learn, Make and Perform. The focus is on developing a network of young creatives who are passionate about a career in the arts, but are maybe unsure of the skills/steps required to make it happen. The training company will promote the importance of connection and collaboration in a thriving arts community, supported by Arts Council England and Great Place Lakes & Dales.