NAY-Tea 30th March notes

Monday 30 March 2020

Over 20 people contributed across the 40 minutes.


First thing discussed was the legal technicalities of being furloughed from work. People across the sector have wondered if it is possible to volunteer and still run projects for groups and young people.

It was suggested that this is potentially illegal, and puts the organisation at risk if there is still work being done.

This could be different to freelancers, who have been contracted through an organisation. As long as all there is relevant agreements, guidelines and safeguarding in place.


Someone asked what people are doing for fees, and most said as there is unlikely to be a summer term they are not asking for fees. However some groups are asking for donations to support the organisation,especially if content is still being created digitally.


In terms of funding support, NAYT discussed setting up a separate Zoom meeting to discuss options and routes.


Someone asked what apps people were using, and mentioned Google Apps and Microsoft 365, which can be free if you apply as a charitable organisation.


People mainly said they were trying to reschedule and postpone performances, rather than fully cancel, to give young people something to look forward to.


We ended by playing Scavenger Hunt via Zoom to find the funniest comedic prop (Natalie Quatermass from Freedom Studios won with a disco deer) and we played Typing Pool to finish.