New report shows how gaming and arts and culture support one another

Friday 24 November 2017

This is one of two economic reports published on 4 November on the impact of the culture industry on the UK economy, showing a 10% jump in arts and culture’s economic contribution in a single year.

The SDG report uses case studies of the games, music, architecture and other sectors to examine how our sector links with them. It features a case study from Auroch Digital, an independent game development studio based in Bristol. The games sector relies on talented, creative people with strong technical ability; this case study illustrates that these skills are most often found in art college graduates. It also shows that artists and musicians serve the sector on a freelance basis by providing specialist short-term inputs that make gamers’ experiences better – and the income that the games sector provides artists helps them to diversify their sources of income, which can be important in maintaining their artistic practice.

Peter Willington, Producer & Marketing Manager at Auroch Digital, said: "As a games studio that works with top-tier IPs, we often look to other mediums - literature, board games, film, and beyond - for commercial opportunities and artistic inspiration. Similarly, we're frequently approached by companies and brand-owners looking to work in the field of games. It's always a positive experience for us, long may it continue."
The report concludes that the games sector makes a major contribution to the UK economy – serving both domestic and international markets.

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