Tuesday 13 February 2018

We are looking for new voices and ideas from those who would traditionally not have access to the TEDx stage and are often excluded from conversations that affect them, and work with them to shape their idea into a talk at our flagship event, TEDxLondon in July 2018.

We encourage applications from people who are not confident speakers or only have the beginning of an idea, as we will offer support and coaching to prepare for the talk. I thought you might have young people in your networks who might be interested in this opportunity and who we’d love to hear from. You can check out the talks by last year’s winners here.

Please could you forward this on - with suitable encouragement! - to all the young people you know that could really benefit from and enjoy this opportunity? This is their chance to share their voice and ideas with the whole of London.

The deadline to apply is February 16th 2018.

You can find more information on the website