Save The Hazlitt Theatre

Tuesday 24 November 2020

It has recently been announced that Maidstone Borough Council is considering withdrawing its funding to the Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone. In turn, this withdrawal will see the closure of the building itself.

The Hazlitt's walls have nurtured young people’s voices, housed laughter and created memories for so many others. The Hazlitt is a space that has paramount creativity, embraced local talent and championed itself at being a pillar in the memories of so many people who grow up and live in Maidstone.

It would be devastating for Covid to take away something so integral to our community. The Hazlitt needs your help more than ever.

You can read more about the situation on the Stage’s website here and sign their petition here.

Hazlitt Youth Theatre members have sung a song to save the Theatre if you can share with the hashtag #SaveTheHazlitt