Spectrum Youth Theatre Summer Term 2018

Thursday 26 April 2018

Summer term: 28 April – 7 July 2018
Saturdays: 2.00-4.15pm

Delve deeper into the curious world of shadow puppetry, as award winning Smoking Apples theatre company return to lead Spectrum Youth Theatre for the Summer Term. Participants will learn how to make and create their own shadow puppet characters and explore a range of different techniques including rod shadow puppets, overhead projection, silhouette puppetry and the manipulation of natural materials such as water and oil.

Jam packed with playfulness and fun, this term will culminate in an informal sharing of the groups work on Saturday 7th July.

Booking a place on Spectrum Youth Theatre

If you are a new recruit and would like to make an enquiry about joining Spectrum Youth Theatre or any of our youth activities/classes please contact Slavka Jovanovic, Head of Learning.

We are accepting new recruits for the summer term and would love to hear from you.

Telephone: 0203 780 5973 or email: [email protected]littleangeltheatre.com

More information on Spectrum Youth Theatre can be found here: https://littleangeltheatre.com/creativelearning/young-people/spectrum-youth-theatre