The arts in a backpack

Thursday 16 May 2019

An Action for Children’s Arts study recommends that every child at primary school should have five quality arts experiences in the school year. Chris Jarvis explains in an Arts Professional article how the Arts Backpack project is working to make this a reality.

The Arts Backpack UK offers every primary school child access to at least five quality arts experiences a year. These experiences are collected in a digital backpack that serves as a reflection point for the student throughout the school year.

The idea of an Arts Backpack is not new. There's a Cultural Rucksack scheme for children in Norway and in Nuremberg, Germany, while Israel offers children a Cultural Breadbasket. Here in the UK there have been local trials of similar ideas such as the Cambridgeshire Culture Card and the Thurrock Trailblazer, but there has never been a programme that aspires to democratise arts education across the UK.

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