The Reader, North West - Children and Young People Programme Manager

Wednesday 20 December 2017

Ensure the establishment and development of effective partnerships with delivery organisations such as Home Start. You will lead and organise the project and be accountable for processes needed to ensure effective delivery.

Work collaboratively with the Storybarn Manager to ensure that projects demands for Storybarn activity and sessions are understood, catered for and built into the scheduling of events and programming.

Use your developed specialist knowledge as the Readers ‘expert’ on Children and Young Peoples programmes to contribute to all of our work in this sector including for example working with colleagues in development to provide insight and advice on the development of new projects, speaking at conferences, looking for opportunities to get greater recognition for and positioning of the value of our work in this area. This may include working with agencies, funders and partners such as Liverpool City Council or local schools on task groups or attending relevant meetings.

Working alongside the Calderstones Programme Manager you will use your creative flair, established connections and ability to develop partnerships to develop an annual, themed, programme of key events for Children

Work across teams at The Reader adding value to the organisation

Take responsibility for ensuring effective monitoring and evaluation of all projects for young people takes place. Includes, provision and monitoring of monthly KPIs, ensuring milestones are met, liaising and reporting to funders, ensuring evaluation takes place in a timely manner according to the needs of the project.

Work with colleagues centrally and on other projects to ensure that volunteers working on Families and young people’s projects are recruited effectively and well supported. Contact Kate Harrison: [email protected]