Training to embed youth voice in cultural organisations launched

Tuesday 20 April 2021

The charity Upstart Projects know it is more important than ever for organisations to feel able to incorporate youth voice into their work. Upstart have updated and redesigned their Youth Voice Training courses to help you learn how to benefit from the amazing insight that young people can bring to your organisation. 


The recent climate has been more than tough on the arts and Upstart think innovation and listening to young people is the best way to really thrive in times like this. 


Following pilot courses with 36 organisations in 2019 you are invited you to join a half-day interactive course via Zoom to explore how you can more involve young people in your work and support your journey out of Covid times.


Our training is designed and delivered by young trainers working with trainers with years of experience who will tailor the course to your needs, ensuring that you come away from the training with a clear idea of what your next steps will be. You will explore real examples and be able to incorporate youth voice into your organisation right away. 


If that sounds like your cup of creativi-tea then please get in touch at [email protected] or visit the website to book places and find out more about the training!   


The first one is on April 27th and there are more in the following months - all listed on the website. So please do secure your place now - and don’t forget to book for a young person to join you at only £10.