Try drama teaching: be the inspiration behind tomorrow’s performers

Wednesday 13 June 2018

What if I’ve never taught drama before?

Actors, singers and dancers tend to make excellent teachers: charisma, energy, passion and the ability to improvise are all assets in the classroom. You do not need to have any teaching qualifications or experience to be a freelance teacher. But you do need an eagerness to learn and a passion for helping young people. You will also need to develop some good classroom management techniques as this is where many performers can fall short when faced with a class of their own.

Seamus Allen, a freelance drama teacher and director of the Young Company at the Watermill Theatre, explains: “For people really new to this, if you’re a performer and you have some years of training behind you, you can teach. If all you do at the beginning is recycle your workshops from college, do that. You’ll actually learn a whole lot about your own education. You don’t need anything extra (other than your CRB check). Be yourself.”

He adds: “Don’t divorce yourself as a professional performer from yourself as a drama facilitator. They’re not two separate things. Allow one to inform the other and take both just as seriously. You’ll grow as an artist.”

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