Good Chance sets up Paris pop-up theatre run by refugees

Tuesday 16 October 2018

Participants at the Good Chance Theatre in Paris this summer by Giverny Masso - Sep 27, 2018

Good Chance Theatre is partnering with the Museum of Immigration in Paris to open a pop-up performance space that will be programmed by refugees.

The temporary theatre will be set up outside the museum, known as ‘musee national de l’histoire de l’immigration’, as part of an artistic residency, which will take place from October 16 to November 3.

Good Chance has run other pop-up theatres in Paris over the year-and-a-half it has worked in the French capital, however this is the first time a space will be run by refugees.

The theatre, consisting of two dome-shaped structures, will run a programme of workshops for children and members of the public, as well as music, theatre and dance performances.

The domes will be run by an ensemble called La Troupe, consisting of eight core members and other participants, all of whom are refugees who have worked with Good Chance throughout its time in Paris.

La Troupe has also been devising a theatre work, which will premiere at arts space La Generale in Paris in late September and will also run in the dome at the museum.

Good Chance is looking to raise £10,000 towards the project, and will be launching a public crowdfunding campaign.

The Museum of Immigration has also supported the residency with funding, as part of its Festival of Welcome, which explores the reception given to migrants. The dome will be fully open to members of the public.

Co-artistic director of Good Chance Joe Murphy said: “The museum has a big audience of families and young people, and we think it’s really important that the brilliant work we perform and that La Troupe has been creating can speak to people who might not even know that there is a refugee welcome centre in their neighbourhood.

“It’s all about helping to advance the conversation around what it means to live together. We always say your expectation of who a refugee is completely changes as soon as you meet someone who is a refugee, and this will give people the chance to meet someone who lives in these circumstances.”

Co-artistic director Joe Robertson added: “La Troupe will also be working on and performing a show, which is a big step for us.

“Normally we will work for four days and create a Hope Show for the fifth day, but as we begin to work with more and more people who are settling in Paris, the appetite for a longer-term piece of work has grown.”