Raising The Game workshop - HighRise Theatre: How to Cross-pollinate with Communities


Zoom - Online

Date & Time

Wednesday 4 August 2021 at 13:30 - 15:00


Leader Opportunity

HighRise Theatre: How to Cross-pollinate with Communities

Joseph Barnes Phillips


HighRise are a minority-led entertainment company and community engagement collective, with young people at the Centre of their work. They spark conversations and build bridges between forgotten communities by representing the rhythm of the streets and though up-skilling/ investing in the professional development of emerging artists from marginalised communities. This workshop, run by Joseph Barnes Phillips, one of the Artistic Directors of HighRise, will look how a practitioner can collaborate, devise and co-create with communities in an effective and impactful manner; making work that doesn’t snuff out the light of the community, but really champions the voices of those involved. HighRise’s style is energetic, physical, innovative, poetic and colloquial – using Hip Hop, Grime, Drill, Reggae and Soca music along with extreme play as a vehicle to tell honest stories from multicultural backgrounds.


Full Week (4 workshops)

- £48 for non-members

- £32 for NAYT members

Individual workshops

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- £10 for NAYT Members

This workshop is part of Raising The Game, a week-long series of workshops and webinars for practitioners in the Youth Theatre sector. For more information, visit: https://www.nayt.org.uk/articles/raising_the_game_2021