Understanding the needs of looked after children and young people who lived with domestic violence and abuse

Thursday 22 June 2017

Course description:
This course offers in-depth learning for foster carers and those working with looked after children on how to respond to children who have experienced domestic violence and abuse. Participants will develop their knowledge of the emotional impact of domestic violence on looked after children, and will gain greater insight into how children and young people perceive the world around them going into care. By increasing the understanding of domestic violence, professionals will gain greater understanding in how to interact with biological family.
The course is delivered by an adult care leaver with an MSc in Social Policy, along with a highly experienced trainer in domestic violence awareness. This joint expertise brings a unique perspective, and provides a space for honest and open discussion on what professionals do well, and what they can improve on.  We will focus on how children respond not only to new adult carers, but to the physical surroundings and how this may impact on settling in to a new placement. The course will also focus on the resilience of looked after children and the challenges faced by care leavers by examining common assumptions about domestic violence and abuse.

You will gain:

  • Increased understanding of domestic violence and abuse
  • The ability to identify barriers to a person leaving an abusive relationship
  • Increased confidence to talk about violence and abuse
  • Knowledge of the impact of domestic violence and abuse on foster care
  • Understanding of the strengths of young survivors of abuse
  • Understanding how domestic abuse and violence can affect settling into a new placement
  • New knowledge about so called ‘attention seeking’ behaviour

Who should attend:
This course is designed to benefit any persons who work with looked after children and care leavers, including social workers, foster carers, youth workers, mentors, teaching staff, domestic violence workers, IDVAs, counsellors.
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