An intervention, led by Sharon Gal, London - Free

Tuesday 12 September 2017

The sound along the stream is a journey and an intervention, led by Sharon Gal and taking place along the banks of the river Wandle. The workshop takes inspiration from nature and explores our relationship with the river and ideas about presence, flow and the dynamics of water. It will focus on developing awareness to the space and sounds around us through listening, responding and recording; using voice and movement to engage and interact with the environment and each other.
Following a voice/body warm-up and an introduction to the recording equipment participants will set out to walk along the banks of the river. The journey will evolve organically with time for observation and stillness and time for sound producing, movement and the recording of the process.
PLEASE NOTE: No singing or vocal experience is necessary but playfulness, curiosity and a willingness to experiment is essential. Some previous experience of field recording is beneficial (but not essential). Please let us know if you have any vocal or field recording experience. Confluence: The River Speaks is a Pump House Gallery Outhouse commission taking place throughout September and October 2017 combining participation, sound and visuals in the design of a permanent installation at the Ram Quarter Heritage Centre, whose site sits on the estuary of the River Wandle and is set to open in early 2018. Led by multi-disciplinary artist, curator and producer, Helen Frosi, the project takes inspiration from myriad faceted aspects of the River Wandle; delving into its material, social and cultural history, as well as that which may be hidden.