Discounted tickets for Raising The Game

Monday 13 June 2016

Discounted places for Raising The Game


We appreciate that times are tight, and some organisations receive little or no funding.  We also appreciate as an individual, it might be difficult to afford the full weekend.


NAYT received no funding other than membership and event sales, however we would much rather people attended our events at a reduced price than were unable to attend at all.


Discounted tickets are £60 for the weekend.



Please send us an email [email protected] detailing what your organisation does, and who you would like to send to the event, and why this event would be useful for them.  We are particularly interested in supporting up-and-coming practitioners looking for training which will benefit both themselves and your organisation, such as Assistants looking to make the step into leading, interns or young practitioners looking for extra training.



Please send us an email [email protected] detailing where you are in your career and what support or training you have had in the past.  Please let us know how attending would benefit you and what you hope to achieve career-wise working with young people and youth theatres.


All correspondence and decisions will be kept private between NAYT and yourselves.