London – Chief Executive Officer for Creative Youth

Tuesday 31 October 2017

This role requires an individual with vision and experience in management and leadership, preferably in the arts and charitable sector. You will be responsible to the Board of Trustees for the leadership and direction of the Charity. You will:

Manage and implement the strategic plan to build a sustainable financial model and grow the Charity’s activities in accordance with the ethos of the organisation.

 Manage the charity in accordance with the Business Plan and to ensure that, where appropriate, the BP is reviewed and amended in the light of changing circumstances.

The successful candidate will be a skilled negotiator, able to communicate well in a range of situations, and positively influence a variety of audiences and stakeholders. Well-developed people skills are a must, as you will need to engender trust and share in the sense of direction and purpose for the organisation. The team will look to you for their focus, their motivation, and to provide a clear vision for the future. You will be an individual with excellent organisational skills, particularly when it comes to planning and implementing events and fundraising initiatives, and delivering powerful presentations to interested donors and foundations. In particular you will have overall responsibility for fundraising, financial planning, marketing and operations. This is an exciting role for someone wishing to lead a Charity with a growing profile and reputation. Working closely with the Chair, you will be instrumental in growing the Charity and fulfilling its potential to increase its footprint and provide its services and unique methodology to many more young people across the UK and beyond.  For more information about this role and how to apply please visit: