Music Choir Trip to Hungary! - Youth Arts Centre

Tuesday 14 November 2017

We will be taking up to 20 young people from the island to take part in this amazing festival. It is a massive event involving over 3000 young people from 33 countries who all descend on the beautiful and historic town of Kecskemet during 1-8 July 2018.

Each country is asked to bring a performance lasting up to 15 minutes without using words so everyone can understand it. It’s quite a challenge, and we are fortunate enough to have Christa McCartney, a professional musician who was actually trained at the world famous Kodaly institute in Keskemet itself. She is an expert at the solfege method which is singing without words. The Choir will meet on Saturday at 5.30pm at the Youth Arts Centre. Please call 437339 for more information.