Your views on the future of NAYT

Monday 27 October 2014

The National Association of Youth Theatres (NAYT) is at an exciting period of development and we would value your views on our future role and activities.
As an incentive to take part in this questionnaire we are offering a prize contribution of £100 to your Youth Theatre group (or one you nominate). Before you answer any questions please take a few moments to read about our current vision for NAYT.
We believe this is a crucial time for Youth Theatre throughout the UK. Funds are tight (and probably getting tighter) but never has the sector been of more importance and value to young people around the country. We want the NAYT to support and represent the sector effectively.
There is incontrovertible evidence that the opportunity to participate actively in theatre-making has proved an important part of young people’s personal, social and educational development. The UK has a proud tradition of youth theatre but it is a tradition under financial threat. NAYT aims to have a bottom up approach which would raise the national and international profile and value of work already being delivered and actively campaign for more resources to deliver more.
The bullets below indicate what we think NAYT can usefully deliver for youth theatres across the UK however we need to know from you if we are on the right track and, if not, what’s missing?
Below are our current ideas for the period 2015-17:
·         Maximise existing sources of funding but perhaps more importantly explore and generate new sources of INVESTMENTthat will help feed the vitality and creativity of the UK’s youth theatre.
·         Develop our role as a repository for EVIDENCING the impact of the sector; collecting and collating data which can be used to advocate, campaign and fundraise on behalf of the sector nationally and internationally.
·         Enhance the CONNECTEDNESS of the youth theatre sector by acting as the national hub for regional and local networks of youth theatres, individual practitioners and participants; increasing opportunities for cross-UK communication, collaborations and exchanges.
·         Support LEARNING within the sector by facilitating knowledge-sharing, skills development and training for staff and for participants, raising the professional standing of youth theatre staff and pathways for participants that connect them to a wide range of learning and training opportunities.
Please now take 10 minutes to fill out this short survey
Thank you for your participation.
Best wishes
Jeremy Newton
Chair of the Board, NAYT