Raising The Game on tour

Raising the Game - on tour 2017




Raising The Game has proved to be one of the most successful models in the Youth Theatre sector.  Born from one-off day events and the subsequent Workshop Weekends, Raising the Game is an annual training weekend for people who work with young people in theatre.  This has mainly focused on youth theatre practitioners, whether they refer to themselves as tutors, directors or freelancers. However, the event has been attended by students, writers and school teachers from different backgrounds. 


Attendees have come from across the UK, with organisations regularly sending staff and individuals each year.  Experienced managers of organisations who have gained from the weekend have since begun sending the next generation for training.  This is because they find RTG has been the best and at times only, training opportunity available.



Raising the Game – on tour


Raising the Game – on tour is an extended, one day event that seeks to reduce the cost to participants without reducing the quality of the event. It also seeks to operate up to 5 times per year  in areas where geographic isolation or transport/travel links are poor. 


Raising the Game – on tour would also allow NAYT to reach out to new parts of the YT sector, organisations and individuals who have not been able to attend national Raising the Game events. 


If you would like to discuss being one of the Raising the Game – on tour venues please contact [email protected] with any details you consider relevant – we will contact you to talk further.  Thanks